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the receipts detoured into the ocean

Never thought i'd be sitting in the middle of a pandemic. This week we have all been waking up to what feels like a horrible movie. Folding individual receipts continues and somehow helps me sort through the spinning thoughts in my head. If these receipts could speak to my anxiety right now, I think they'd be reminding me that I like being home. I dream about having time alone. I fantasize about tidying up my house and I actually fold paper on a regular basis just to think through things. Anything.

So, with that in mind, the receipt folding continues, except today they will be stand-ins for something else, my emotions twirled around or tangled up against memories of my aunt. My aunt who kept this meticulous pile of ordinary things. There may be fear, possibly isolation or plain old panic. All mine, all hers, or both.

Either way it's starting to feel very drop at a time.

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