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About Me

Monica Fernandez Zuñiga

aka, arts plotter | arts administrator | consultant

The past 15 years of my life have been dedicated to championing the positive contributions the arts make in society. I have worked as a freelance illustrator, teaching artist, and have held a wide range of positions in the arts nonprofit space, including senior leadership positions. Working with local and national arts organizations, museums, local government, corporations, artists, and major funding institutions has given me the opportunity to help each meet operational, structural, and creative goals.  My work has shaped exhibitions, arts education programs, grants, community-building efforts and helped creative entrepreneurs establish a solid foundation to run their businesses.  I am motivated by the idea that I want to leave the arts sector stronger than I found it.   Learn more about my professional background through my Linkedin Page or get to know a little more about what drives me here.

I find fulfillment in working in partnership with individuals and organizations committed to equity, justice, and the collective well-being of their communities. I offer these skills, competencies, and focus by providing project management, grant writing, administrative support, non-profit consultation and, pro bono mentorship to BIPOC professionals. I love talking shop but I also make time to tinker around the house, make art, drink good coffee, and indulge in one too many podcasts. 💥


"Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer from which to shape it"

- Bertolt Brecht

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