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More about me & 
why I care about this work.

Things to know 


I use a community-centric framework in the work I do as a non-profit consultant and grant writer.

This may not be the primary subject of our work together, but it is important to know I approach

my work with the principle that everyone benefits from engaging in the work of equity and social justice, and transparency is needed to address tough questions.


I believe growth & transformation come from a combination of mindfulness & application.

My goal – whether I am working as your mentor, consultant, or someone helping to push your goals

forward – is to help increase your awareness and to support you in applying practices and values

reflective of your purpose. As a deeply introspective person, visual thinking helps me get from thinking to doing, hence the name Arts Plotter  - take a peek here.


I believe mission-driven organizations and creativity add immeasurable value to the world.

As such, practitioners should be compensated and supported fairly for their work. This ultimately 

helps me to become more substantively supportive of you in meeting your goals.

I consider myself a lifelong learner,  eager to build on my academic and real-life experiences

while working with people who have a vision that needs to be shared. I love working with people who are excited about their work, lean toward the untraditional, and balance not taking themselves too seriously with being goal-oriented!


What I do and why

Non-Profit Consulting and Administration

Wearing all of the hats is a badge of honor- and potentially an unhealthy habit for the non-profit sector and the individuals they employ.  My services stem from cultivating a culture of wellbeing for the field as a whole.  I do this by offering small to mid-sized organizations opportunities to approach their work through a healthier, more sustainable way to work in the non-profit sector.   

Grant Writing and Grants Management

Historically artists and organizations have relied on grants to support themselves.  The truth is, the grants system as we know it is time-consuming, often burdensome, and does not always cover the true costs of the work you seek to fund.  As someone who has implemented grant-funded work, written and managed grants, I understand the dynamics between real-world challenges and external expectations.  I shift the approach to a grants system driven by mutual respect, value, trust, and equity.  

Mentorship to BIPOC cultural workers and artists (pro bono)

BIPOC professionals continue to lack access to mentors or supervisors of color who can provide a safe space for professional growth. Colleges and Universities do not prepare artists with the business skills needed post-graduation.  These are facts that guide my deep commitment to a better, more inclusive experience for future arts leaders. I see myself in them and believe the winding road I've experienced serves me well in helping others chart out a smoother, more supportive professional path.  

Project Management

No matter how simple, exhibitions, retreats, workshops, or setting up operational systems for your small business require a synchronized workflow to reach your ultimate goals.  Projects of all sizes are more successful when a team clearly understands the concept and goals, there is a plan, a clear path to getting things done, systems in place to monitor your plan, and a definitive closure.  I see excel sheets and sharply detailed plans like children see candy, full of color and delight!  Few things are more satisfying to me than working with individuals and teams who have a vision, are committed to seeing it through, and make the process an opportunity to learn something unexpected.  Details matter!    

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