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Whether you are planning an exhibition, have been hired to create window displays or are planning an annual staff retreat for your team, these events/projects can fall flat without a proper plan.  Arts Plotter provides project management services to ensure all of the details are in check and communication is crystal clear throughout the life of your event.  A project you will feel proud of should have a timeline, goal, and budget - all geared to amp up your next vision!

a snapshot of what is included:

  • Initiation (outlining project goals, timeline, budget)

  • Planning (determine resources, team, needs, communication, tasks etc.)

  • Execution (following the plan and managing details)

  • Oversight and Adjustment (adjusting the plan while monitoring details)

  • Close (close out administrative matters, ensure goals are met, archive work)

Let's get you organized & ready to go!

Get in touch.  Schedule a 30-minute consultation on me to get started

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