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The arts are your business.  Arts Plotter helps artists, cultural workers, arts organizations and other creative industry entrepreneurs reach short and long term goals needed for a successful business.  Let's get you where you want to go!

15 years of professional experience under my belt as an artist and arts administrator has given me the opportunity to understand the unique needs of the creative sector and recognize the complex challenges creatives and organizations face in managing the business side of creativity. When your business is managed and supported well, you can  focus on the work only you can do.     


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Ideal for individuals or organizations who want to delegate their administrative tasks or who want to provide specialized support for their existing teams.  

Supportive consulting services help independent artists and small to mid-sized non-profits reach short and long-term goals.  Whether you aim to establish new operations, re-imagine existing programs or seek guidance and constructive feedback, services are approached from a transformative lens.

Specialized services support non-profit art organizations that provide community centric services and individual artists with a visual arts practice.  Areas of specialization include visual art, cross-sector partnerships, social justice and racial equity.

Full service project management services for artists, creative entrepreneurs and arts organizations who need support in seeing a project through to completion.  

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