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For the last 35 or so days, I've been living with half a dozen balloons in varying states of fullness. I bought these balloons for my husband's birthday with the obvious intention of adding a bit of celebratory spirit to the day. They did the job for sure, both kids and adults alike loved them. They're not your run of the mill balloons, at least to me. Once we dimmed the lights on the celebration, the kids had their fill of their shape and color splendor,I found myself keeping them around just a few days longer....and a few more.

Holding on to these as if they were my little pals is my introductory post. The fact is this, doing this kind of thing is how I think. It's how I think through ideas, memories and problem solve. It's how I get outside of my head-if only to still be in it. Ugh,....

With that, welcome to my visual thinking blog.

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